Got published in the July - August edition of Sheen Magazine :)

Ménage à Trois para uno. C’est ma vie.. They were having a wine tasting/sale and the wine happened to have character and could potentially pair with my impending pie (don’t quote me on that).

And so it begins.. Perhaps a bit prematurely but fuckit.. #YOLO

My latest obsession..

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I’m trying to visualize how to get it right but my vision’s so blurry..

Trying to slow it down, stay close to the ground but we’re always in a hurry now. And if I could make this world spin a little slower..
Then I would, then we could grow a little closer.

I think we’re getting closer..

Picture this with some #KingSunnyAde playing in the background.

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Taking it there..

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The video I shot for @GreenRiderTech is 45% funded on #indiegogo do take a look!

You know this is your biggest mistake
What a waste, what a waste, what a waste.
And of all the things you never explained
You know this is your biggest mistake.

— Ellie Goulding

"This is your biggest mistake." A friend said this to me once a couple years back, and for the duration of my 30 hour travel time the next day and till now, those words were etched in my mind. And now they’re in pixels. Till now, still not clear who’s at fault.. 

Somewhere between psychotic and iconic. Somewhere between I want it and I got it..