For the life of me I cannot justify why this is the first time I’m making steak.

In the lonely hour..
Early mornings late flights.

I love it when the same words evoke an entirely different set of emotions.

Sometimes I wanna disappear..

Tumblr.. I’ve been neglecting you so.
Well I’m back! For the most part.

Got published in the July - August edition of Sheen Magazine :)

Ménage à Trois para uno. C’est ma vie.. They were having a wine tasting/sale and the wine happened to have character and could potentially pair with my impending pie (don’t quote me on that).

And so it begins.. Perhaps a bit prematurely but fuckit.. #YOLO

My latest obsession..

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I’m trying to visualize how to get it right but my vision’s so blurry..

Trying to slow it down, stay close to the ground but we’re always in a hurry now. And if I could make this world spin a little slower..
Then I would, then we could grow a little closer.

I think we’re getting closer..

Picture this with some #KingSunnyAde playing in the background.

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